JD Fleishman


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E-mail: fleishman007@yahoo.com



Solo Exhibitions


2006                 Whores I’ve Known & Loved, Abaton Garage, Jersey City

2003                 Looking for Maya, Jan Van der Donk, rare books, New York

2001                          Still Shaking, Thor Zimmerman Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2000                 Seventeen, Calcographie (installation), Cologne, Germany

1997                          You Can’t Get Here From There, De Vaalserberg, Rotterdam


1996                          In Paradise (with Charles Citron and Stefan Bohnenberger),

Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel (catalogue)


1995                          Footsteps (with Belu-Simion Fainaru), Gabriele Rivet Gallery, Cologne


1992                          Recent Works, Johan Jonker Gallery, Amsterdam (catalogue)

    Project room, Galerie Albrecht, Munich


1991                          Recent Works, Stephanie Theodore Gallery, NYC (catalogue)

The Stealth Series, Galerie Wiss, Wattwill, Switzerland

The Gullestrup Series, Galerie Hogsberg, Arhus, Denmark (catalogue)


1988                          Six Weeks in Yerevan, Echmiadzin Gallery of Kmoitas, Armenia USSR

1987                          Recent Works, White Room, White Columns, New York


Selected Group Exhibitions

2006                 Sex Handel, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany

2002                 Da Heim, Stadtgarden Gallery, Cologne, Germany


2000                          Christmas group show, Thor Zimmerman Gallery, Cologne Germany

What the fuck, McKimens Space, Brooklyn, NY


1999                 Ragnorak, 338 W. 38th St., NYC, curated by Alfredo Martinez


1998                 Re: Duchamp, Lubelsky Gallery, New York

Multiples, Up & Co., NYC

Women in the Netherlands, Jewish Museum, Amsterdam, Holland


1997                          Tonight at 8, Up & Co., New York

What Am I Doing Here?, Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam. Chelsea Hotel, Cologne.

Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic


1996                          Works in Progress, Sculpture Space, Utica, New York

Intime, Arnhem Museum, Arnhem, Holland

Nomadia, De Vaalsberg, Rotterdam (catalogue)

Rashitan, Exhibition for a Bedouin tent, Sinai, Egypt

La Bizarre Jolie Enfant, Aschenbach Galerie, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Art, Art Kitchen, Amsterdam

Vous Etes Ici seit 1990, Galerie Sophia Ungers, Cologne


1995                          Naturkunken, Rheinische Lendesklinik, Bedburg, Germany,

curated by Hans-Werner Bott

                                A-Dress, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada, curated by Shirley Madill,

traveled to Museum of Modern Art, North Dakota

                                Genummerd & Gesigneerd, Museum Van Dam Venlo, Holland (catalogue)

                                Blind Faith, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam

                                Boxes II, Gabriele Rivet, Cologne, Germany

                                Beeld in Zicht, Museum voor moderne Kunst, Arnhem, Holland

                                Le Chambre du Collage, with Babette Welters, S. Bohnenberg, C. Citron, Amsterdam

                                Drie Schone panoraman, Dirty Windows, Berlin

(with Charlie Citron & Stefan Bohnenberger)

                                Benefit, White Columns, New York


1994                 Maastricht Circle, curated by Jana Yo, Galerie Henn, Maastricht

                                Fungus, curated by Ron Miltenburg, Monastery St. Nicolai, Plasy, Czechkia (catalogue)

                                Caravanserail, curated by Dominique Pelletey, W139, Amsterdam (catalogue)

                                Boxes, Gabrielle Rivet, Cologne, Germany

                                Die Grosse Guckkasten, Paszti-Bott, Cologne, Germany

                                NY-NL-XX,  curated by Johan Jonker, Gemeente Museum Helmond, Holland (catalogue)


1993                          Insconsequent, Natalie Rivera, New York

Drawings, The Drawing Room, curated by Peter Bouhof, Amsterdam

Back Room, Natalie Rivera, New York

Drawings, Johan Jonker Gallery, Amsterdam

Entraxis, curated by Andrea Pagnes, Monastery of San Nicolo, Venice, (catalogue)

The Chalk White Child, curated by Paul Groot, (catalogue)

Ashenbach Galerie, Amsterdam

Benefit Exhibition, White Columns, New York

Ninety Degrees, Johan Jonker Gallery, Amsterdam

1992                          Passi-passagi, Studio d’Arte Harry Zellweger, Lugano, Switzerland

Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, California

(with Ashley King and Sue Williams)

By Any Means Necessary, Printed Matter (artists’ books), New York

The Salon, Dooley Le Cappelaine, New York

A Secret History, Stephanie Theodore Gallery, New York (catalogue)


1991                          I, Eich, Storm Gallery, Amsterdam (catalogue)

Flower Song, curated by James Kopp, Eupenerstrasse 49, Cologne, Germany

Preview ’91, Stephanie Theodore Gallery, New York


1990                 Women, Ausstellungraum Harry Zellweger, Basel, Switzerland(catalogue text: Harry

                           Zellweger, James Kopp and Ane Hejlskov Larsen)

                                Das Mass, Umhasuen, Austria

                                Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery Wiss, Wattwil, Switzerland

                                Invitational, Marius Projekt, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                Women of the ‘90s, Renee Rotouhi Gallery, New York

                                Formale: Informale, Studio d’Arte: Harry Zellweger, Lugano, Switzerland

                                (catalogue text: Peter Haefeli)


1988                          Go Avanti, curated by Mark Dagley, Galleria Chisel, Milan, Italy

(catalogue text: Enzo Ciccone and Andreas Contini)

Invitational, Stelling Gallery, Leiden, Holland


1989                          Update: 1987-1988, White Columns, New York (catalogue text: Bill Arning)

Three in New York, Rastovski Gallery, New York

The Jagged Edge, Art/Act Gallery, Miami, Florida

Four Corners of Abstraction, curated by Bill Arning,

International Gallery Invitational, New York


1987                          Benefit Exhibition, White Columns, New York

Eye of the Storm, curated by Dragon Illic, Tamura Gallery, Japan

(catalogue text: Michael Carter)

Small Works, Brooklyn Academy of Contemporary Arts, New York

(in collaboration with Stephen Paul Miller)


1986                          Rivington School 1, No Se No, New York


1985                          The Contemporary Primitive, ABC No Rio, New York


1981                          Dirty Laundry, Aerial Installation, New York


1980                          Drawing & Sculpture, Hunter College, New York


Performances and Readings

2000                    What the Clouds Say, Calcographie, Cologne, Germany


1999                 Recent Works, Up & Co., New York


1997                          En cha Allah, Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam

Bon voYagE, Het Consortium, Amsterdam

What Am I Doing Here?, De Vaalsberg, Rotterdam


1996                          A Fall from Grace, Veem, Amsterdam

Rashitan, Sinai, Egypt

Listen, Hoeksteen Live, Amsterdam


1995                 Sur Les Herbes, s’il vous plait, Centre Art Contemporain, Pontoise, France

                                Listen, SUB-K, Utrecht, Holland

                                Listen, The Winston, Amsterdam


1994                          In Honorarium: Maria Magdalena, Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic

The Oracle of Plasy in the Room of Mysteries, Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic

Adam & Eve, Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic


Activities and Awards

1996                  Artist in residence, Sculpture Space, Utica, New York


1995                          Artist in residence, Centre Art Contemporain, Pointoise, France


1993                          Artist in residence, Djerassi Foundation, California

Artist in residence, Sculpture Space, Utica, New York


1990                 Artist in residence, Herning Hojskole, Denmark


1983-88                    Adjunct Professor, Parsons School of Design: Preparing Art for Printing, Designing With Type, History of Typography


1984-87                    Instructor, Center for the Media Arts: Introduction to Graphic Design (1 year course), Computer Graphics, (6 month course)


1980-81                    Porter Fellowship






1995                 Von Taschitzki, Thomas: Vieldeutig, Kolner Stadt Anzeiger, Nr. 251 October 28-29 1995


1994                          Scott, Andrea: “Girls Night Out” (catalogue text)

“Von Geheimnis und Zauber der Verpackung,” Kolner Stadt Anzeiger (April 11, 1994)


1993                 Artist statement, Rogue magazine Vol. III #24, Frankfurt, Germany


1992                          Artist statement, “Does Gender Make a Difference in Contemporary Art,”

Tema Celeste, Autumn 1992

Miller, Stephen Paul: interview, Cover magazine, September 1992


1990                 Hejlskov-Larsen, Ane: “Stories About Seeing” (catalogue text)

                                 Haefeli, Peter: “In a Working Space” (catalogue text)

                                 Kopp, James: “Flight” (catalogue text)


1989            Miller, Stephen Paul: review, Cover magazine, November 1989

                                 Contini, Andreas: “Go Avanti” (catalogue text)

                                 Circone, Enzo: “Go Avanti” (catalogue text)


1988                 Miller, Stephen Paul: “Summer Rundown,” Cover magazine, June 1988